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 W R Heating - keeping your heating costs down

Servicing:- Your gas boiler needing a regular service or maintenance? Contact us and we will guarantee that your appliance is operating at its maximum efficiency. This will keep your running costs down and reduce emissions plus help to identify small faults before they become major problems. An annual service will prolong the life of your gas heating boiler and hot water system.


Repair:- In the unfortunate event that your gas boiler needs an emergancy repair or is not operating as it should, we are on hand to assist and ensure that your appliance is back up and operating as soon as possible. 


Install:- Should you require a new boiler, a new heating system or perhaps an extension to your current heating configuration, we at W R Heating are able to advise, quote and install at competitive market prices.


Landlords:- Click here for further detailed information.


We are based in Denmead, Hampshire and if you live in this vicinity why not join other families and landlords who rely on us to support all their heating requirements. Once your gas boiler has had its annual service we will automatically inform you before your next service is due. Our service is second to none so take this opportunity to contact us at W R Heating - you won't be disappointed.